Luc & Matt

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Video Description: Matt & Luc

So a couple of us were sitting around the table eating lunch and of course looking at some porno, when this guy Matt who works in the office next door stopped by for a few minutes on his break. Matt has been constantly flirting our new guy Luc for the past few days and we have been bugging Luc about taking Matt's anal virginity on film.

Well wouldn't you know it that today just happened to be the day! Luc is hung like a horse so we all knew it wasn't going to be easy fitting that 8 inch by 7 inch cock up Matt's tight virgin ass, but we were all ready for them to give it a try!

Matt was ready right from the start as he sucked and deep throated that big cock until it was hard as a rock and ready for him to fuck. After a few try's and a good amount of lube Luc was able to fit his throbbing rod into Matt's ass and fuck him in numerous positions all over the office until he blows his warm white load all over Matt's chest!



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