Lucas & Sarah

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Video Description: Sarah has been trying to hook up with Lucas for the past month. Finally, she got him to agree to come over for a romantic dinner. After staying up for more than two hours waiting for him, Sarah decides to lay down. 20 minutes later, guess who decides to show up...our buddy Lucas. Sarah eagerly jumps up from the bed; Lucas stumbles in from a night of partying...better late than never. She calls him to her and the sparks start to fly.

These two are very passionate, twisting their tongues together as Lucas moves his hands to her sweet spot and starts to rub. They undress and get to it. Lucas shows her that a real man knows how to use his fingers, making her squirm all over the place. She returns the ecstasy by deep-throating his long cock, and sucking on his balls. He gives her a thorough pounding, and cums twice in the process.

A very hot and steamy scene, enjoy!


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