Mick C

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Video Description: Mick's returning from playing some games of Tennis with his friends. He is a great Tennis player but he can't wait to get home and shower off all the sweat in some nice cold water.

Once inside his house Mick kicks back and relaxes for a bit while he takes his shoes off. After enjoying the nice view from his window he heads up stairs to get naked and to check his beefy muscles out in the mirror. The cold shower beats down on his body while he soaps up all the nooks and crannies on his ripped body. He loves to show off his manliness in the shower while rubbing his balls and stroking his fat cock.

After the shower he decides to grab an adult magazine for some solo stroking pleasure. He lays out on the soft bed to show off his bubbly ass and tasty balls. Some sheet fucking gets his thick shaft hard as a rock and his nut busting is creamier than ever.



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