Mike Cooper

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Video Description: Mike Cooper is a 24 year old dental hygienist who also spends a decent amount of time running and swimming.

With his job, his brutal workout regiment, and Kelsey, his girlfriend of 2 years, Mike rarely has any quality alone time. Being as young as he is, Mike still has many goals to accomplish, but is old enough to say he now 'knows better'. He doesn't get into trouble and he doesn't party much, but he sure loves to have sex and be kinky. Ask his girlfriend, she'll tell you he's tame on the outside, but behind closed doors, he's a freak! That's just the way we like `em.

This erotic scene starts off with Mike Cooper going on a quick, scenic jog. When he becomes sweaty, his shirt comes off. When the bare chest isn't enough to cool him down anymore, the shorts come off as well, making this smokin' stud's jog a bit more fun to watch. When he arrives back at the house, he lies out on the lawn and begins massaging his now tense leg muscles. Being naked makes it that much easier to play with yourself and Mike doesn't lose anytime doing so. He gets up and brings himself into the house for a quick shower, teasing his cock along the way. Once toweled off, Mike plants his ass on the sofa, where he spreads his legs and strokes his thick, long cock until his balls tense up and his dick's shooting stream after stream of his warm cum all over his worked out stomach.

Mike hasn't had the time for that in quite a while. He's thankful we gave him the opportunity. We're thankful he gave us the opportunity.



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