Nick, Dallas & Dakota

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Video Description: Our good friend Nick came to us on his birthday and asked if we could hook him up with some of our models.

Oh yeah, we told him we would, but it would have to be on our terms, which is that all the action must be on camera. He agreed happily and we told him that the time the girls are coming would be a surprise.

We waited until he got back from the gym and dozed off into a nap. The girls giggle and eagerly await this 3 way encounter as we lead them down the hall to the room where Nick is snoozing. We know Dallas and Dakota are natural freaks, so we let them do what they wanted.

As they sneak into the room, Nick sighs and rolls over, the girls look at each other and giggle some more. They wake him up by whispering something into his ear, probably something you wouldn't tell your mother, as Nick breaks into a wide grin as he looks at his new playmates.

They start to move their hands up and down his perfectly chiseled body as he lays there. Nick starts to rub himself through his shorts and the ladies undress and get ready for the fun to start. They treat us to a splendid scene full of lust, hot hard screwing, and lots of vocals. This no holds barred 3 way is something to behold.

If this is how college students celebrate their birthdays, sign me up for a 10 year long class.


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