Nico Hanssen

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Starring Nico Hanssen
Video Description: Nicolai Hanssen is his name, but we just call him Nico. This young guy is all about the women. He likes blonde hair and big tits.

So far Nico has only done one other solo for us, but we're hoping to be able to persuade him to join the fun on our other sites as well. Stay tuned and see what happens!


1.Occupation: Student

2.Sexual orientation: Straight

3.Favorite position: Doggy

4.Astrological sign: Leo

5.Age you lost your Virginity: 14

6.Biggest Turn on: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes & Huge Tits

7.Biggest Turn off: Flat Chest

8.Biggest Celebrity Crush: Jessica Alba

9.Favorite food: Mexican

10.Best physical feature: Chest


1.Age: 18

2.Cock Length: 8.5'

3.Cock Girth: 6'

4.Cut or Uncut: Cut

5.Home town: Portland

6.Height: 5'11''

7.Weight: 170

8.Shoe Size: 11

9.Waist size: 34

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