Strokes of Genius

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Video Description: In a flash of brilliance, the two had done it. Philip Ryan exclaimed to his pal Nick Reeves 'I've got it!' And indeed he had it. Philip had figured out the formula for exorbitant wealth simply by tinkering long enough with his cellular phone. He had built an application that would vibrate when held next to a Fleshjack, adding increased pleasure during the jack off experience.

Nick was skeptical when he first heard the idea, but after a little convincing he was on board and excited about the invention's prospects. But Philip would need an explicit photo for advertising purposes. Before he could even propose the idea to Nick, Nick knew he would have to whip out his cock and model for Philip. With just a hint of belabor, he pulled out a hard boner for the camera. To be sure it was slick enough to easily slide the Fleshjack onto his dick, Philip sucked his hard cock. After snapping the pics he needed for the ad, the boys decided to make use of their hard-ons, sixty-nining with pleasure. After Nick spent some time rimming Philip's sweet, twink asshole, Nick slid his stiffie into Philip for a hard pounding. It was a day full of brilliant ideas and fresh inspiration. And hot loads.



Next Door Twink

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