Phoenix & Maile

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Video Description: What can we say, Phoenix is back and he's ready to dick down the beautiful Maile.

The two were in the bathroom, Maile in the shower, and Phoenix washing his hands in the sink. Of course when there are two attractive people around each other, they're going to look at one another...and that's what happened. Phoenix eyeing Maile as the water runs down her feminine curves, and her scoping him as he stands there wearing only his boxers.

Maile hadn't been laid in a while, so she was super horny. It was only a matter of time until she calls him into the shower with her. The two undress and begin with the fun.

He licks her and she sucks him before the duo walks into the bedroom where Phoenix lays some serious pipe, slamming Maile in all sorts of positions. In the end, her tight stomach is covered in cum and Phoenix is ready to go again.



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