Jessie Cox & Phoenix

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Video Description: Phoenix is back in town again, and he needs a blowjob.

Anybody want to help him out? We know you want to.

We asked our new cocksucker Jessie if he wanted to give it a try. His eyes lit up when we told him it would be Phoenix he'd be sucking on.

Phoenix was taking a nap the other day, recovering from the night before, when Jessie noticed the sleeping stud as he was walking to the bathroom.

With no one else in the house, Jessie decided to sneak up on the resting hunk and see how far he could get before awaking him.

Jessie first slowly slides his hands up Phoenix's leg, grabbing his cock and giving it a squeeze. This wakes Phoenix, but he doesn't seem to mind, so Jessie continues by sliding his buddies shorts off, revealing his 9 inch cock.

To get to the point, Phoenix gets serviced and spews his load all over himself. Jessie loves sucking Phoenix and gets himself off easily after such a hot experience.



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