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Video Description: Pierce is a 21 year old full time student and part time clothing model that has shown up here on NextDoorMale.
This good natured young stud says he has quite a sexual appetite and loves to cum, whether it's with a beautiful lady or by himself. It's not hard to realize that this guy gets plenty of action when he goes out and parties with his buddies. Right now he's single, but he doesn't object to being exclusive if he finds the right girl.
For his scene, Pierce enters the kitchen, takes a seat at the table and opens up the newspaper. The news starts to bore Pierce, so he decides to jump into a more exciting activity; masturbation.
The hunk teases himself a bit while at the table before he jumps into the shower, where he cleans off his near perfect body before toweling down and moving to the bedroom. Once on the bed and comfortable, Pierce begins his quest for cum, furiously stroking his member until he starts quivering and launching warm streams of semen from his rock hard cock. Once done climaxing, Pierce does what most of us guys do after getting a nut off...he nods off and takes a power nap.


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