Rey Gold

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Video Description: Rey Gold hasn't been on NextDoorMale in over a year.
After his first appearance, we were flooded with request to have him back on, and still we get many requests every month for him.Luckily, he's back in town. At 21 years old now, Rey Gold is looking to get back into the porn scene. He still has a great body and the softest looking skin you've ever seen.
Rey Gold was cleaning the outside of his friend's house on a recent weekend when he decided to take a break and thumb through a nearby nudie-mag.
As the pictures start to arouse this great looking young stud, Rey Gold slowly unzips his pants and starts to tease his hardening cock. When he realizes he might be spotted by the neighbor, he pulls up his pants and walks to the bathroom. Once in the privacy of the restroom, he strips down completely, turns on the shower and continues to stroke his cock.
When Rey Gold decides it's time to get off, he takes his magazine to the living room and continues on his quest for cum. He achieves his goal and covers his abs in his thick, white jism. Rey is satisfied and he's looking to come back for more fun.


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