Screaming Loud

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Video Description: We've gotten word that Tommy's having a blast up in Montreal this week, so we told him to send us some video to prove it. Proof was provided in the form of this hot encounter, featuring TommyD and his new friend, Briana Devil.

Tommy gives us a 10 second quickie-intro, wasting no time, he moves right in for the kill and it's on! Tommy and Briana lock lips, passionately kissing. From there, Tommy moves to please his female friend, sliding her panties off, he buries his tongue deep in her glistening pink hole. She returns the favor, telling Tommy to fuck her face, which he happily does.

From the oral, they move into some hardcore fucking. Briana rides Tommy on the couch, and then has him slam that from the back, making her screams louder and louder.

For the finale, Tommy has Briana on her knees, where she takes stream after high-pressured stream of Tommy's MASSIVE load, all over he pretty little face.



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Tommy D XXX

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