Secret Lust

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Video Description: They're two boys with fiery passion burning between them. They've been having these trysts for a couple of weeks now and each time seems more intense than the last. On this occasion, Andy Robindale is waiting in the gym locker room after school for his secret lover, Axel Wolf to show up and ravage him.

When Axel arrives, Andy's already rubbing a sweaty jock strap on his face and dick. Axel doesn't waste any time before engaging Andy in a long, warm kiss. Then Andy takes Axel's large, erect dick in his mouth and sucks deep. Axel returns the favor by slurping down on Andy's enormous cock. Axel soon turns Andy around and has a taste of his sweet, tight hole, just before sliding his boner into that eager ass. Andy loves the feeling of Axel's hard dick pounding him. Axel also wants to get fucked, so he mounts Andy and rides him hard. This is the after school special you always wanted to see.



Next Door Twink

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