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Video Description: The other day while we had a few guys in town for some photo shoots, an exciting encounter between Cody and Samuel took place... and luckily was caught on tape.

As Cody was finishing drying himself off from his post-workout shower, Samuel was just turning on the water to start his. When Cody noticed Samuel was fully preoccupied with cleaning himself, he quietly opened up a nearby cabinet and removed a laptop which he set on the floor in front of the living room couch. Amazingly, there was a hot porn DVD loaded up for his viewing pleasure.

Cody starts stroking his cock, and right when he was really getting in to it, Samuel swings open the bathroom door, wet and looking for a towel. Cody covers up and passes his buddy a clean towel. Samuel notices what his friend was doing and asks if he could watch too.

This is where is gets red hot!

Of course Samuel can't keep his hands to himself. One thing leads to another and in the end, Cody's cock is in his buddy's mouth shooting cum all over the place. And Samuel is one happy camper.

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Cody Cummings

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