Stairway To Heaven

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Starring Tommy D
Video Description: Tommy has been a busy bee lately and wanted to take a break from all the kinkiness and do a mellow solo scene. We have no problem with him stroking his cock alone and since no one's complained, we're assuming you have no problem with seeing Tommy by himself once in a while.

For this scene, Tommy wanted to try something he did a few years ago; jerk off on the stairs. So we gave a bottle of lube, a porn to watch, and a cum rag to wipe himself off with after the scene.

Tommy takes control and treats us to a strip tease until he finally gets buck naked and begins arousing his beefy cock. After doing all sorts of acrobatics while stroking off, Tommy launches his man milk all over himself in a massive ejaculation. He's satisfied and we hope you are too!


Tommy D XXX

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