Good To Be Canadian

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Video Description: This week, Tommy introduces an all new stud to his lineup. Adam, meet everyone...everyone, meet Adam.

He is a 27 year old who moved to Canada 3 years ago. He's enjoying himself up there, going to college and having wild sexual encounters.

Tommy takes a minute or so to introduce our friend, then things heat up a bit. Tommy takes a seat and hands the camera off (to the mystery cameraman) and starts watching Adam stroke himself. Tommy gets hard almost instantly, forcing him to strip down to nothing.

Once Tommy gets board touching himself, he moves in to touch something else...Adams cock. What a surprise. Tommy puckers his lips, sucks in and starts bobbing his head on Adams hardon.

After Adam returns the favor, the two take a seat next to each other and have a race to the creamy conclusion. Both of them shoot nice loads that would make anyone happy to receive that hot goo in their mouths.



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Tommy D XXX

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