It just doesn't stop

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Video Description: It just doesn't stop for Tommy.

Is he EVER going to get tired of stroking his cock with attractive young guys? Would you? ...didn't think so.

This week, Tommy has the pleasure of getting off with his buddy Angel. Angel frequents our area of the country to catch the wicked dirt biking trails. When we heard he was going to be back in the area, Tommy was sure not to forget to deliver a letter he had received a few weeks back which, oddly enough, was addressed to Angel.

Turns out it, it was Angel's girlfriend sending him some kinky words and pictures to help him along during his last shoot. Too bad he didn't get it in time; he and Tommy will just have to read it together...which of course will lead into a duo jerk-off full of cum flinging enjoyment.

Have fun!


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Tommy D XXX

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