Tommy D & Essence

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Video Description: This young couple, her being only 19 and him 22 have a lot to offer... the camera.

They've only been seeing each other, on and off, for four months. She says the sex is wonderful and he says having sex is wonderful. We get them together for a steamy scene for all of us to enjoy.

They start passionately kissing, looking in each others eyes, while they strip down to their birthday suits. He shows he that not all men don't like eating a sweet wet pussy. He performs like he hasn't eaten anything good in months, making her cum over and over while he quickly pumps in and out of her hole with his finger and tongue.

Then Tommy show's Essence that he's not only skilled with his mouth by pulling out his hot meat and slamming her tight pussy until he pulls out and his dick start: throwing gob after gob onto her delicious breasts.


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