Tommy D Likes Them Fresh

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Video Description: Tommy's back at devirginizing young guys again. Yeah, that's right. Tommy's some how managed to get another 'straight' boy in front of his camera.

Meet Nathan, a 19 year old part time college student, and a part time IT professional. This kid is smart...and has pierced nipples!

Tommy runs through his questions fast because he wants to see Nathan nude. Once his new buddy is down to his skimpies, Tommy instructs him to lie down so he can give him a nice, oiled-up massage.

Once Tommy has his lubed up hands on Nathan's naked body, it doesn't take long before he moves from the back and legs to the ass and balls. Tommy's such a perv!

Before you know it, the massage turns from a nice rub down into a kinky blow job, which evolves even further into a 69; and Nathan's NEVER before done anything more than slightly kiss a guy at a party.

Tommy strokes away at his new guest's cock until the freshly corrupted young man starts to moan, grind his hips and spew stream after stream of his warm man milk onto himself. Tommy gets so turn on from that, that he blows his load onto Nathan as well. A cum blast for sure!



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Tommy D XXX

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