The Tommy Experience

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Video Description: For the last update of 2005, Tommy wanted to treat you to something a little different from the norm.

Tommy wanted to film a point-of-view blowjob, so all of his fans can know what it would be like to get their cocks worked by our favorite porn star; TommyD.

He gives us a great show and lets us all see how he likes to work cock. He doesn't just jump right in, he savors it, warms it up, plays with it, rubs his face on, and not just for us, but for him too. You can see by the look in his eyes that he loves making guys cum...especially all over his face and in his mouth.

So sit back, and watch as TommyD services your cock!

Enjoy and have a happy new year from TommyD and everyone here at Next Door Studios!


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Tommy D XXX

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