Trystan & Rubi

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Video Description: Trystan made his first appearance on NextDoorMale not too long ago. Since then, we've been flooded with requests to see him fuck some pussy, so we had to deliver. So here he is, Trystan doing what he loves with Rubi.

The other day happened to be Rubi's birthday, so we decided to hook her up with the super-stud Trystan. He's young, hung and a really nice guy.

To start off, Trystan turns on some music and gives Rubi a strip show. Once nude, Rubi moves in for the kill and grabs a hold of his cock, which she begins to suck.After getting head, Trystan goes down on her, licking and sucking her pussy, making her squirm.

Once the two are sufficiently turned on, they begin to get it on. Trystan bends her over and fucks her hard. She then gets on top and rides him like a horse. The two switch positions throughout the scene and in the end, she's covered in cum and he's feelings drained but great.



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