Riddick & Wes

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Video Description: What we have for this scene is two hot guys playing with each other...What a surprise!Welcome back the slim, sexy and hung Wes with the thick and beefy Riddick.

These two were hanging around the other night, waiting for TommyD to pick them up for a night of partying and fun. Around 11pm, Tommy gave them a call, saying that he'd be unable to make it due to some 'car trouble'...that's porn star talk for 'I'm getting laid, sorry about your luck'.

As the two sit back and contemplate what there is to do, Riddick throws on a porn he had purchased before he came out to California. As the two watch the fuck show, Riddick starts playing with himself. Since Wes is shy, but not THAT shy, he joins and begins tugging on his big cock as well.

One thing leads to another and suddenly Riddick is sucking on Wes's boner. We didn't mind and actually enjoyed watching, as we're sure you will too. Luckily, we got it all on film so we can show it off time and time again. In the end, both of the guys are covered in jism and ready for sleep.



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Next Door Buddies

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