Adult Time Update - Jerk Buddies - NO WAY Your Dick Is Bigger Bruh

  • : 11-24-2022 |
  • : 3222
Featuring Jay Tee, Isaac Parker
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Two straight buddies, Isaac Parker and Jay Tee, are doing homework together but are getting pretty sick of it. They decide to take a break by talking about planning a party, and maybe even meeting up with some girls to have sex. However, Jay says that the last time he tried to have sex with a girl, she complained that his dick is too big. Isaac is skeptical of Jay's story, saying that Jay's dick can't possibly be THAT big, and DEFINITELY can't be bigger than Isaac's. But Jay insists that his story is completely true.They decide that the best way to settle this is to compare their dick sizes right now. Jay says that he's a grower not a shower, so both guys agree that they'll have to get hard before making any comparisons. They masturbate side-by-side, trying not to look at each other while they do so... but they can't resist sneaking a few peeks. Once their dicks are nice and hard, they use a ruler to measure them.It turns out that Jay's dick is indeed bigger, so the matter is settled. However, by this point Isaac and Jay are both so unexpectedly turned on that going back to homework is the LAST thing on their minds. Isaac decides to experiment with sucking on Jay's impressive dick, and then Jay gives Isaac a blowjob as well. They also can't help but comment on how nice each other's asses look, and decide they might as well go all the way. Who needs homework when sex is a much better pasttime?

NO WAY Your Dick Is Bigger Bruh is bonus content for Next Door Studios members and was originally released on on September 13th 2022.

Adult Time


Great plot, hot models and really good sex adds up to an outstanding video!
2022-11-25 23:30
My only complaint is that Isaac Parker said "cum in me" and that did not happen. When your bottom makes a request like that you follow through. *sigh*
2022-11-25 15:19
I loved it too. As I've said before I'm not usually much for long intros but this one works well without being too long. Great job by both Jay and Isaac. Love to see more of them.
2022-11-25 12:37
Loved it!
2022-11-24 05:47
Total bullshit that this is not affecting original scenes. Look at all the upcoming scenes! They recycled scenes or compilations. Utter madness.
2022-11-21 19:47
Except that even the best gay scenes at adultime feature the same models you get here (as is true of the rest of the once-distinctive sites that are now part of the same boring corporation) in scenes that aren't worse and are sometimes better; so I doubt it matters much unless, like me, you belong to both sites. Ironically, much of the gay content at adulttime is recycled from elsewhere too.
2022-11-24 08:34
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