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  • : 06-10-2008 |
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Meet Alex Raye, a 22 year old who likes to party, work out, fight and go to school. Oh yeah, he also likes to get off and meet new, hot blonde girls.

When his clothes come off, you'll see how well he takes care of his body. It's basically perfect. And he's got the cock to match.

So please enjoy this awesome offering on StrokeThatDick from NextDoorStudios.


1.Occupation: Full Time Student

2.Sexual orientation: Straight

3.Favorite position: Doggy

4.Astrological sign: Cancer

5.Age you lost your Virginity: 16

6.Biggest Turn on: Semi-Dominant

7.Biggest Turn off: Shy

8.Biggest Celebrity Crush: Olsen twins

9.Favorite food: Steak and Eggs

10.Best physical feature: Whole Body


1.Age: 22

2.Cock Length: 9'

3.Cock Girth: 6'

4.Cut or Uncut: Cut

5.Home state: Washington

6.Height: 6'1'

7.Weight: 190

8.Shoe Size: 12

9.Waist size: 34

10.Eye color: Light Blue-Green

Stroke That Dick


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