Begging For It

  • : 01-27-2013 |
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When Darcy Tyler wants something, she's used to getting it. But her boyfriend, James Huntsman, is no pushover when it comes to the one thing that's usually the most important thing on his brain - SEX! Darcy wants to hit the club early tonight, but James wants to get his fuck on first. She doesn't want to miss out on the first round of drinks with her ladies, but James is a pretty convincing arguer. He's promising they have time to bang out a hot session before leaving the house. Darcy finally agrees to a little kissing, which leads to James unleashing his fat, hard dick. She'll stroke it a bit, but just for a minute! That cock feels so good in her hands, it's almost impossible to refuse putting it in her mouth, but only just a few slurps, they gotta get going! Well ok, now there's no way she's leaving the house until James pumps that throbbing erection into her and they both get a little satisfaction before hitting the town. Enjoy!

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James huntsman has such big man boobs (nipples), whooh makes him hotter....when he is shirtless, showing that hot tattoed chest.   Think that every women should love it too  !!!
2017-07-01 09:26
Nextdoor hookups, when will you bring us some more new video's on James Huntsman, love to see this hot guy in action, his strong body, hot chest and big cock everybody adore for sure.  James Huntsman is a straight guy and hope he will make some new videos soon !!  Love you james Huntsman !!
2017-07-01 09:23
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