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Stories of the old bordello attached to the house go back about half a century. They say a beautiful young hooker's ghost resides here. Or at least that's the story Austin Wilde is telling Parker London.

Equipped with the latest spirit-sensing technology, these two are attempting contact with the other side. What Parker doesn't know is that Austin may have embellished a few of the details just to freak him out. Parker is an easy spook and Austin's taking full advantage. Just when Parker thinks they may be on the verge of communicating with a real ghost, he discovers the only thing out of the ordinary is the size of Austin's hard cock! Even though he's pretty jumpy from the ghost hunt, he doesn't like to let a fully charged boner go to waste. Watch these guys slurp each other's eerily fat dicks, then see Austin make contact with Parker's 'other side' as he gives him a hard pounding. This sexy ghost hunt will scare the cum out of you!


Austin Wilde

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Parker London and Austin Wilde, hell yes.
2018-09-25 19:56
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