Cyclist In Distress

  • : 03-07-2011 |
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Trystan Bull hits the terrain hard on his state-of-the-art bicycle. He rides fearlessly through dangerous conditions, often without regard for his custom-built bike. Now something's wrong with his gears and he's asked Hunter Vance to help him diagnose the problem.

Hunter is no bike expert, in fact he hardly knows anything about the workings of Trystan's machine. But he does know a thing or two about the proper methods of sucking a fattie, and Trystan's kickstand is getting chubbier by the second! He soon applies his mouth to the rock hard boner, and slurps vigorously in a textbook fashion as the bike seat teases Trystan's tight man hole. It's a hot, manly situation in the garage as these guys get a little sidetracked. Spoiler alert: The bike doesn't get fixed!


Trystan Bull

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