Dreamland Can Wait

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It's late and Vic Dictor would like to get some rest, especially considering he and his main squeeze, Heather Vahn plan to depart early for a trip to the country. Vic knows Heather has an insatiable appetite for his cock, but common sense would dictate the two practice some self-control and get catch a few much needed Z's. But before he can even shut his eyes, Heather is pawing at him for a little taste. She's been thinking all day about getting fucked and has decided not to take 'no' for an answer. She knows Vic is an easy pushover, particularly when there's a chance he'll get to stick his hardened meat into his lady's warm mouth. And just as she could've predicted, Vic's coaxed into receiving a hot blowjob. But can Heather convince him to forget about resting for a little longer? or at least long enough for Vic to slide his fat, pulsating erection inside her for a hard, yet loving pounding? Heather knows a nice, hot load on her face would be a perfect way to get in the mood for their holiday together as adoring sweethearts. Enjoy!

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I'd like to share her
2016-06-25 00:54
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