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Lucas Knight is having a hard problem that he can't keep down. Owing to the celibate vows of his faith and his natural urges, it seems the virtuous young Lucas finds himself in between a rock and a hard on. At least that's how therapist Gabriella Paltrova diagnoses the situation, and she's pretty sure she knows just the therapy for Lucas. Starting by undressing him, she reaches her hands into his underwear and begins to fondle his cock through his shorts, feeling it grow bigger and bigger. To her surprise, the virginal Lucas is brandishing one stellar cock once it comes out to play, and so she immediately seizes upon it with her mouth, gagging herself on its meaty shaft and shiny head. Undressing herself, she quickly mounts his dick and rides him, taking his cherry once and for all. Suddenly Lucas sees the error in his previous lifestyle, and unbridled, he begins to really get into this whole “fucking” thing, plunging his dick deep inside Gabriella and pummeling her until he's ready to burst, cumming all over his therapist's face... now that's one major breakthrough! Enjoy!

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Big equipment on that guy. Heater her up...
2015-03-22 15:18
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