Hard Muscles

  • : 06-06-2017 |
  • : 9213
Featuring Beau Reed, Darion
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Newcomer Darion is leading Beau Reed through his normal workout regimen. All the standard stuff: stretching, cardio, push ups, crunches... and Darion's body certainly shows the rewards of his hard work, but at the completion of the workout, Beau is still full of energy, and so he takes the opportunity to lead Darion in a different kind of exercise, as the two of them make their way inside. Once there, Beau falls to his knees, sucking Darion's meatstick until it's nice and hard, then stroking him up while tonguing his hole. Darion approves of this kind of workout, and shows he's a fast learner, bending Beau over and plunging his cock deep inside, pounding Beau from from behind as his chest and arms tense up. Beau enjoys the pounding, taking every inch of Darion's offering gladly, before spitting his load all over himself as Darion strokes off onto his face. Having covered his workout partner in cum, Darion remarks that it was one of the best workouts ever. Beau agrees. Enjoy!


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The fingering fun was pretty cool to see. I wanna taste his fingers.
2018-04-24 04:12
You can clearly tell Darlon wasn't into the scene. Why even bother making it if this is the case? He could barely keep a hardon for the shoot and I Agree there was fake fucking. Something I DO NOT want to see. I am into interracial, but scenes like this make me want to cancel my membership and go elsewhere were I can see at least two actors pretending to enjoy what they are doing. You have a huge pool of black guys so it's time to branch out and get some guys who can at least pretend they are enjoying themselves with their scene partner. If it were me, I would rather not even post a scene like this, then have this crap posted on my site. Sorry, but this isn't the first time you have posted stuff like this and it has to stop. Next Door Studios get your act together because you have a fantastic brand. Don't ruin it.
2017-06-12 08:11
Like both guys. Didn't like the scene.
2017-06-08 12:48
Less than 4 minutes of fucking in this scene is totally unacceptable and complete BS.
2017-06-07 02:06
Are these models paying you?  I don't understand why NDE keeps pumping out such poor quality.  Why would you spend money producing this crap?  There are hot black guys out there.  Give them a little more money than you're paying these guys and put the hot ones in front of the camera.
2017-06-06 20:38
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