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There they were, the two most desirable gym rats on the floor. Finally they were alone together in the weight room. They had exchanged glances before but this time the sexual energy was palpable. Derrick Dime lifted dumbbells while Courtney Shae moved her body sensuously in the mirror. Derrick took his shirt off, a move that felt natural to him in the moment. When he did, she moved to the exercise ball and began feeling her own body with her hands.

Derrick stood up, still with a weight in one hand, and popped his dick out of his pants with his free hand. Courtney knew it was her chance to finally wrap her wet lips around Derrick's behemoth, throbbing cock. She walked over and made the pulsating erection hers. It tasted better than she had dreamed. Derrick quivered as she licked and bobbed on his manhood. His ass cheeks flexed as he gently thrust back and forth. After enjoying her warm mouth for a while, he sat on a bench and let her mount him. They embraced as she rode his fat dick. Her lamentations echoing through the otherwise empty space made his boner grow even harder. Then to floor they went and Derrick continued pounding her with passionate strength. Finally, she took to her knees and allowed him to erupt onto her eager face. She slurped hot cum from the tip of his exhausted, satisfied cock.


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Derrick's dick!  So fuckin' gorgeous amid  the groin stubble. It would have been kind of cool  had there been a sexy guy or even gal there too, just to jack off while watching the hot action.
2017-07-20 20:29
Derrick is awesome..loved the scene 15.07-20.34 where he mounts Courtney
and gives a spred ass crack view..
2014-07-14 16:53
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