Head Cheerleaders

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It's game day and the co-captains of the cheerleading squad have decided to meet for a special meeting in the guy's locker room. In only one short hour, two teams will take the field to battle for the right to be called State Champions. Conner Hastings and Heather Vaughn will lead a cheering crowd in rooting for the home team.

Conner and Heather figured out a great trick to get the nervous energy out before they lead the cheer team onto the field. Heather had read somewhere that having too much built up jizz can affect a man's performance in front of a crowd. That's why she's milking Conner's fat cock. She also heard that being fucked by an unusually large, very hard dick can help girls in the same way. And that's why she's having Conner fuck her right there in the locker room. She's told him she wants it hard, so Conner's making sure to pound her properly. Watch his amazing, sculpted body pump Heather full of the confidence she needs to bring their team out on top.


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1 comment

Wow! Hot scene!
2014-03-23 00:06
Scroll down and watch "City Cock & Farm Bottom" in which Conner sucks and bottoms for Derrick Dime. As hot as this scene is, that scene is even hotter.
2016-01-06 22:11
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