Head Helper

  • : 08-09-2018 |
  • : 15540
Featuring Elye Black, Ryan Jordan
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Stumbling upon roomie Elye Black messing around with the shower components, Ryan Jordan asks if he needs help. Elye tells him the head needs attention, and Ryan nods, though he's admittedly not thinking about shower parts. Moving closer, he lets Elye know his intentions, and Elye figures the shower can wait. Letting Ryan have his way with him, he relents and they make their way to the bedroom. Once there, Ryan gobbles up Elye's cock, downing it to the base and swallowing it. After Elye returns the favor, he tells Ryan to fuck him with his hard cock, bending him over and fucking him doggy style. Elye reaches back and strokes himself as Ryan fills his hole with stiff cock, and when he mounts Ryan to ride, he has to brace himself with the headboard just to take so much dick. Ryan fucks Elye well, until he's almost ready to cum, but a good fuck session isn't complete until both guys have had a turn, so Elye stands up and slides his dick deep inside Ryan, pounding him as Ryan strokes his massive cock until it gushes all over him. Elye sees this and pulls out, blasting his load all over Ryan's hole. Covered in cum, Ryan probably wishes he could take a shower, but the cost of being so dirty was totally worth it.Enjoy!

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Shame Ryan has traded in ink for his body hair, never a good swap
2019-07-21 14:59
Cameron's films generally suck big time>this is one of the only ones I've seen recently that is even half way worthy of my downloading (only because I love Elye Black)>it would have been great if the two had done some nice wet rimming>what does Cameron have against rimming? Where is the emotion, the intimacy, the kissing, the caressing? Do these guys even want to have sex? You need to bring back Rocco>at this rate, I probably won't be renewing my subsctiiption when it comes up.
2018-08-17 12:10
What exactly does director Cameron Dalile have against rimming?
2018-08-14 00:08
Nice pairing, and both models thought so too as evidenced by their hard dicks from beginning to end of this scene.  For most of the scene, Ryan was dominating Elye, but late in the scene , the fuck flipped, and Elye proceeded to fuck the cum out of Ryan, shoot a nice load on his asshole and then breed him.  Both looked great together in this bareback flip flop fuck scene.
2018-08-11 23:22
Loved the scene. Ryan and Elye are hot.
2019-04-17 23:32
Another great pairing.  These guys are great in all their videos.  But together is like an extra bonus.  I agree, there is something about Ryan Jordan.  He's so cute and innocent looking.  But boy does ever know what he's doing.  He should go on to be one of the truly great ones.  Like a Markie M., or Quentin G., or Dante M.
2018-08-10 12:58
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