Introducing Mike Stone

  • : 05-25-2017 |
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Featuring Markie More, Mike Stone
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Fan favorite Markie More is in the driver seat as he introduces Mike Stone, a built young stud with an open mind and a nice thick member to go along with it. Mike tells Markie he's in the mood to be dominant, and Markie tells him he's up for the challenge, but first Markie has to get Mike out of his clothes. He unzips Mike's pants and unleashes his package, sucking it down and getting it nice and hard. Mike sure seems to enjoy Markie's blow job, as he gets throbbing rock hard and ready to deliver on his promise, bending Markie over the side of the sofa and fucking him hard. Markie lives up to billing as he takes it all willingly, and eventually shows Mike a thing or two, mounting the newbie and riding his cock like a pro. Mike finally counters by flipping Markie over, fucking him silly and then pulling out and nutting all over him, but Markie has the final say, using Mike's jizz to lube his cock and spitting his own load in response. Both guys walk away impressed and satisfied, sure to meet again soon to do it again. Enjoy!

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Mike's full lips can do a lot of good in future.  He hasn't a very chiseled musculature, but I do like  body with strong manly legs, a firm full ass and a big fat cock. I like the way he comments, and how he gives Markie small orders how to work his body. I think he might have great potential. Just give him the benefit of the doubt for now. Anyway Markie seems to love eating and swallowing  that huge mantool. That's what matters here. This is almost one of Markie's famous castings.
2018-03-15 08:50
Not feeling Mike Stone at all. I do t want to see a top just kiss and fuck, he needs to suck dick and eat ass and he didn't do any of those things. Hell he didn't even suck on Markie's nipples!  I don't give a damn how good he fucks, if he won't do any dick sucking and ass eating alongside with fucking then he's gotta go.  This missed the mark badly. 
2017-06-06 09:59
I did not find Mr. Stone in the least bit appealing. He is definitely not someone I would want to see again. I do enjoy Markie, but I thought he was getting out of the gay porn business. True or false?
2017-05-28 17:28
Agreed about the new guy. And Markie actually did get out of the porn business, then came back then left again. But like a lot of them, the more popular you get the more money you make so they go back n forth. The reason I know that is because I know a few of the guys from Nextdoor and who actually work as dancers at a few clubs in West Hollywood, CA and on several occasions they said that most of the video's that are filmed take anywhere from 6 to 8 months before it's actually uploaded to the websites. They film anywhere from 5 to 8 different scenes over a couple months. So it's not like they filmed last week and now it's up on the web. So a lot of this footage we're seeing was filmed last year with the idea that it would be released several months later.
2017-05-30 09:18
Mike's great body and long cock make him a fine addition to Next Door.  While I give him credit for exchanging kisses and some tongue with Markie, his failure to give Markie any head shows some gay for pay tendencies.  While I do not object to gay for pay models per se, they should at least kiss and suck some cock just to show that they realize that they are performing in a gay porn scene.  I see from the previews that he will be topping again in an upcoming scene, so hopefully he will start sucking some dick then. Markie has the vers ability to be a total top in one scene and then a total bottom in another.  While I think that his excessive tattooing detracts from his nice body, I also think that his wearing of glasses adds a nice cerebral touch.  Very good overall scene.
2017-05-28 01:15
26 May
 Mike's luscious lips and beautiful butt, combined with  Markie's scholarly look,  makes  for a hot twink duo!
2017-05-26 03:29
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