Laundry Room Hookup

  • : 10-22-2015 |
  • : 35521
Featuring Mark Long, Jake Karhoff
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Mark Long is quite a horny young man. So horny, in fact, he's jerked off in semi-public places more than a few times. He's never been caught, but there've been a few close calls. Today, as Mark waits in the community laundry room for a load of laundry to work through a cycle, he gets that feeling where he's just get off!

Jake Karhoff is a fellow condo resident and is having a nice, lazy laundry day. But when he discovers that the door to the laundry room has been locked, he must find Pete, the building manager, to unlock the door.

When Jake enters the room to find Mark, mid stroke, Jake stays cool and doesn't act too excited. Mark, on the other hand is extremely embarrassed. He pulls up his pants and turns beat red. Jakes certainly likes the look of Mark's enormous cock. And in this particular situation, he can pretty well guess that Mark might be game for some fooling around, seeing as he must be very horny.

When Jake suggests they hookup, Mark doesn't hesitate accept his advances. Jake goes to Mark and they kiss passionately. Soon, Mark's dick is making its second appearance, and Jake is slurping it as deep as his throat will allow. Mark can't believe his luck! The hot guy he's seen around the condos is sucking him off.

It's not long before Jake is presenting his tight hole for Mark to fuck. Once Mark squeezes his swollen dick into Jake's ass, the action intensifies quickly. Mark bangs Jake's hole while Jake props his foot up on a dryer. After a while, they move to a chair where Jake climbs atop Mark and goes for a good, stiff ride. Mark loves how much Jake enjoys taking his fat cock.

They move back over to the dryer to finish things off with a hard fuck session, where Jake ends up getting blasted in the face with Mark's hot, sticky cum. Now this was a load worth waiting for!


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What a great movie!. Good sequence. Mark Long's looks are perfect in this one. Great photography too.
2016-07-07 14:53
Totally agree!
2020-03-01 21:01
hot,hot and sexy video
2016-03-09 02:20
Hot sex scene! I loved it.
2016-03-06 17:09
believable story with 2 hotties!!!!
2016-02-11 23:38
Now, Mark Long, I reviewed your profile and I see if any porn star has five or more photos with a female he is very bi to me or bi, and I STOP watching them, and look if you guys are going to "F" someone "F" someone, go in slow after that set yourself on fire and "F" any comments I made on you have been deleted by me, until I find something that your are in that is str8 and being as good as paralegal/attorney as I am I will find it. But for now some of your vids are hot and you are one sexy guy. Larry Sims . Happy Gay New Year ALL!
2015-12-31 20:54
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