Locker Lust

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Down at the gymnasium, Connor Hasting is just entering the locker room after a good, clean workout. He's surprised to see a new face in the men's lockers, a fine, young woman's face. It's Hope Howell and she's new here, working weekends, picking up towels and straightening things.

Connor likes what he sees and wants to find out if this girl is naughty. While she's turned around, Connor removes all his clothing and touches Hope's ass. She reacts in shock to his forward gesture. Connor apologizes and lays on some thick game. She agrees to let Connor show her a good time. Hope locks the door and disrobes for Connor's viewing pleasure. She's soon on the changing bench, sucking Connor's giant, swollen cock. She bobs hard on the rock hard meat, just before Connor fucks upward into her face. After the passionate blowing, Connor can't resist putting her on her back and sliding his fat cock inside Hope. She feels so good on his pulsating dick. Then it's Hope's turn to go wild, as she climbs atop Connor for a ride on the old bone coaster. See this hot duo steam up the gym locker room in this scorching hot, spontaneous fuck session.


Next Door Hookups

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I've watched several of these Next Door Hookups scenes (it's what I joined for) and this is by far the hottest one I've seen so far.
2020-05-21 07:07
I nominate Conner for a scene with Markie in Next Door Casting. Watching Conner with a dick in his mouth and possibly up his butt would be hot.
2016-01-06 22:05
I just scrolled down, watched "City Cock & Farm Bottom" in which Conner sucks and bottoms for Derrick Dime. It was great to have my wish come true so rapidly.
2016-01-06 22:09
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