Mutual Fun

  • : 03-17-2012 |
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Chris Smooth is a very competitive guy. Samuel O'Toole has known that for a long time. The two have grown up together, always looking for the next opportunity to challenge the other. And Chris knows Sammy is a poor loser. He always quits or goofs off when he's not winning, a very frustrating thing for Chris. When Sammy loses in a game of foosball, he decides to run off, but Chris isn't letting him get away easy this time. After hiding in the bathroom for a few minutes while Chris pouts on the couch, Sammy emerges with a new idea for a fun activity. When Chris sees the size of the boner Sammy's been working on in there, he figures he might as well pull his cock out too. Chris has some porn he decides to play for them both to enjoy and cool down from the intensity of the game. Sammy and Chris are learning that even though they have a friendship of fierce rivalry and a spirit of competition, they're still good buddies. Watch them stroke their meaty cocks together, enjoying each other's cumpany. Enjoy!

Samuel O'Toole

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I love how light hearted and goofy this is. Wish there were more like it. Real life playfulness.
2020-03-25 01:49
Why don´t Chris takes his shirts off?
2015-05-17 14:56
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