O'Toole Time

  • : 10-29-2011 |
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Does anybody know what time it is??? O'TOOLE TIME!! It's everyone's favorite handyman, Samuel O'Toole, and his friend Riley Price! Today they're looking at a selection of tools for use around the house. But these tools won't help you spackle some drywall or fix a leaky gutter, these are for getting off!

Among other things, Sammy and Riley are taking a look at the Samuel O'Toole Fleshjack Boys Dildo! They're making a side-by-side comparison and weighing the similarities. But Riley can't keep himself from going for the real thing! Watch him stuff Samuel's fat cock into his mouth with pleasure. Then see them move on to the next item, a beaded, brass anal toy. Sammy's applying plenty of lube to ensure smooth insertion and maximum enjoyment. Riley is a champion, making it to the last bead and loving every inch! And finally it's time for the notorious 'Cone,' another sensational item from the folks at Fleshjack. This thing really hums! Watch Riley sit on The Cone while he slurps Sammy's hard dick, just before they each blow hot, sticky loads on each other!


Samuel O'Toole

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1 comment

Riley and Sammy are really CUTE together. So relaxed and seemingly unrehearsed.
Good scene!
2016-10-08 21:54
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