Private Shoot

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It's been a while that Conner Maguire's wanted to be more than just friends with Brittany Amber. But he doesn't know how to tell her! Conner being a avid hobby photographer, Brittany's asked him to take some 'boudoir' photos of her. Little does Conner know, Brittany has the hots for him too!

Conner can't believe how hot she looks in the outfit she picked to wear. Seeing her posing on his bed is making his cock VERY hard. Is this his opportunity to make a move?! Is this a ruse so he'll advance upon her? If he makes a misstep, their friendship could become awkward and ruined. He carefully gauges her expressions and movements. When he's sure she's beckoning him to come to the bed, Conner locks the door so his roommates won't interrupt. Sure enough, the two are kissing passionately as soon as he goes to her. After going down on Brittany, she returns the favor by slurping and sucking his massive dick. Then it's what Conner's been fantasizing about for months. Brittany's having him slide that beautiful, erect dong inside her. Conner knew it would feel good, but this is amazing! Watch this hot stud pound the girl of his dreams for the first time as the two close things off in this private shoot!


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Who would ever thought I would see Connor Maguire fucking a woman?
2018-11-19 11:08
Sorry, but I cant stand  stilettos, big turn off for me!
2017-06-04 21:26
Watch this one with the sound off. She sounds like a sea lion.
2016-01-01 16:42
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