Setting the Bar

  • : 07-26-2013 |
  • : 8308
Featuring Nubius, Draven Torres, Kai B
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Draven Torres has been tying one on at the bar for a while now, and it's about to catch up to him. Slamming his last drink down, his head grows light and he passes out in his stool. When he wakes up, the bar is empty, save for a couple of hotties naked on the dance floor. Not quite sure where he is, Draven saunters over to find Nubius and Kai, who have been waiting for him, their dicks hanging in anticipation of his next move. Draven wastes no time acting on his fantasies, taking both cocks into his mouth and spitting all over the heads. Nubius bends Draven over, and as Draven devours Kai's dick at one end, Nubius tongue-fucks Draven's ass, preparing it for his massive meat-stick. Nubius shoves his cock deep into Draven, who takes every inch, and as Draven continues to suck on Kai, Nubius pounds away from behind. Kai gets a little envious and so they switch, and Nubius gives Kai a little of the same medicine as Kai spits his load while being pumped, and then Draven and Nubius follow suit, blasting out their loads in a sticky hot mess. Moments later, Draven wakes up at the bar, fully clothed and left to wonder, 'Did it really happen after all?'



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Yet another video which won't play. This site is such a rip off
2015-02-21 16:37
ADMIN: Hello member,

I've had no issues streaming the HD video on my end. Could you please be more specific as to which version you attempted to play?
2015-02-23 10:02
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