Sex Inspector

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Heather is inspecting Cole's living conditions comparing it to the contract he signed when he first moved into the place. She is not happy with the looks of his place and is stressing out about telling the owners what has become of the house. Cole giving out to much information about his sexual activities is letting Heather know he can keep her stress free. She's not too sure what to do but the stress is mounting and she thinks Cole is fucking hot. She finally succumbs to his needs and they begin to make out while he undresses her. She seductively pulls his cock out and wraps her tongue around his cock closing her lips and deep into her mouth it goes. She loves to gag on it and strokes it fast as she deep throats it. Cole is rock hard and ready to dive deep into her. He picks her up and wraps his arms around her and fucks her hard and fast. You can see his muscular biceps strain from holding her above ground as his balls slap against her. Laying her back down on the sofa he tastes all over her getting her ready for the next round of inspections. Cole is an animal and he is keeping her stress free as he unleashes his hot thick load all over her face.


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Vahn is hot!
2016-12-10 13:44
I agree NOBODY wants to see BITCHES on a gay porn site LOL! Get those women out of here!!
2016-06-10 19:20
Cole is great man... but fucking with woman's? No thanks, we need more gay scenes, without bitches! I want to see dicks, this is a gay site and I'm paying to see guys. No more bitches!!!
2016-06-04 14:06
It is a while since I saw str8 porn and it is interesting to see the differences between the two; the high heels, strong muscular male v petite defenceless female, boobs available 24/7, bottom having uncontrollable hair on her head (!), no condom, touch being more important to female, female using touch and stroking on his bulging cob in his underpants, not normally to this extent in a gay porn, female throwing herself about compare to a bottom male; the list is endless. It made a nice change, and the amount of cum Cole gave her at the end was magnificent.
2016-05-18 08:22
oh look ..just what i wanted to pay for on a gay web site ..i been here 2 days ..and wont be back
2014-10-10 08:17
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