The Wright Moves

  • : 04-07-2013 |
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Trevor Wright might be the luckiest SOB on the planet. Fresh off a break up with the only girl he's ever been with, his next sex ends up being on camera with none other than Brittany Amber. Pretty sure he's not reeling from the loss of his girlfriend anymore. Not after Brittany lays this new comer out on the table and gives him a full body massage, before slobbering all over his eager, rock hard cock. Spitting all over the head while she sits on Trevor's face, Brittany shows him the ropes, then rides his sweet dick like it's never been ridden before, making Trevor bust a king sized load the likes of which he'd previously never known he was capable of.


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1 comment

Trevor is too hot to waste on a female, but the scene was hot, I have to admit!
2017-08-24 14:48
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