Tim & Tommy D

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  • : 05-09-2007 |
  • : 6585
Featuring Tommy D, Tim
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Guess what?

Tommy's back! Yes, that's right. Our very own TommyD is finally back on Next Door Buddies. Apparently he was a little strapped on cash from the holidays, so we took full advantage of the situation and hooked him up with one of our new studs, Tim. Now Tim doesn't normally play with guys, actually, he's only been with one other guy before Tommy, but he was eager to get sucked on....and to suck on some.

The duo start of with some nice heavy petting and feeling, which leads to undressing, which leads to some friendly cock stroking, and then that leads to Tommy pushing Tim onto the bed and eagerly sucking down Tim's hardening cock. That evolves into a 69, which after a few minutes, gets flipped around and Tim is on top, throat fucking Tommy. A very hot scene indeed with an awesome double jerkoff-cock rubbing-nut-on-eachother cum shot.

Enjoy your Next Door Buddies!

Next Door Buddies

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