Turning On The Gainz

  • : 05-19-2019 |
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Scott Finn arrives to see Quentin Gainz, but finds him in the shower. Scott loves what he sees, as Quentin washes his amazing body. He's nearly caught, and runs off to watch TV. Meanwhile, at the pool, Ian Oakley and Evan Landers are enjoying the Summer sun. Quentin gets out of the shower and sits with Scott to watch some TV. After a quick chat, Quenin let's Scott know he caught him looking, but that he liked it and wants more. Scott jumps at the chance to start sucking. The boys at the pool start to wonder why Scott hasn't shown up yet, and go inside to explore. Ian and Evan are surprised to find Scott blowing Quentin, but decide to jump right in to the fun. It's the time of Quentin's life, as the boys take turns kissing, sucking, and rimming him. The guys take turns on each other, fucking all over the couch. After an epic fuck, they all retreat to the pool for more fun in the sun!

Next Door Twink

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Scott Finn's tattoos look ridiculous. But he sure is good looking.
2020-07-31 11:13
Yum Quentin Gaintz being serviced in every way. So deserving. One of my favorites. I'd do anything for him
2020-06-30 16:05
Once more, set your damn razors aside. You scrap the beauty of your young perfect bodies. A man with the body of an unhairy boy looks ridiculous. Br proud to look virile with your natural hairs.
2020-06-22 01:12
Never liked this twink look, prefer them to look like the young men they should be - too boy unnatural, not a good look, or one that should be encouraged
2019-07-15 15:44
Great to see Quentin! He is ALWAYS HOT! I agree Scott was amazing as always. He is a great performer. I almost came 4 times while watching this. I am not a "twink" fan, but all of the "twinks" were sensational in this scene. I would have loved to have seen Scott fuck Quentin for a bit. But that is just being nit picky. This was a grand slam. Thank you NDS! Please Quentin don't take so long between visits.
2019-06-17 21:43
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