Workin' For It

  • : 09-13-2011 |
  • : 17468
Featuring Austin Wilde, Tyler Sin
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Tyler Sin is just starting out in 'the biz', and isn't so keen on the ins and outs. Austin Wilde is always looking for a fresh face, and is more than willing to mentor someone in the old In & Out. Besides, what Tyler lacks in business savvy, he more than makes up for in other ways. It's not like it would be first time Austin had to show someone the rope... er, ropes!


Austin Wilde

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1 comment

Great pairing in this scene ........ I love Austin Wilde , his body is amazing ! I'm into tall lean guys and was happy to see Tyler Sin in the video . His ass and legs are beautiful beyond words ...... a very sexy man ! I was excited throughout the scene until the end . He wasn't even hard the last couple of minutes and he had no cum shot ! Big disappointment ! I did give the flick a thumbs up because of the eye candy . I guess you can't win em all !!
2016-01-06 21:51
I agree I love the video. Austin is very sexy and Tyler's ass and legs are awesome.
2019-03-24 12:10
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