Book Worm

  • : 06-30-2018 |
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When Chad Piper sees roomie Nathan Styles reading alone in his room, he figures Nathan is just doing some nerd shit to kill the time, but when Nathan rolls over and reveals his rock hard dick bulging in his jeans, Chad realizes Nathan is in here reading some hot and heavy material. Chad asks him if he wants the real thing and Nathan tells him he wants to see what he's packing. Chad unzips his pants and shows Nathan all he needs to see to get on board with the idea. They trade sloppy blow jobs before Chad bends Nathan over and begins to eat his ass. He tongues Nathan's hole until it's ready for more, and then Chad stands up fulfills Nathan's literary desires, inching his raw cock as deep as it will go. Nathan lets out a gasp as he realizes just how much pipe Chad is laying, and Chad begins to fuck him harder. He pounds from behind as Nathan strokes his dick feverishly as Chad begins to ease up. Slowing down, they decide to switch up, and Nathan climbs on top of Chad, lowering himself onto Chad's pole, then sliding all the way down as he parts his cheeks. He takes the cock balls deep and gives Chad the ride of his life. Both guys are close to cumming, but Nathan wants to try his hand at laying the pipe. Chad is game, but almost as soon as Nathan can get his cock inside the hole, Chad clenches and tightens up around the head of Nathan's dick, causing him to erupt all over Chad's stomach. Chad realizes it's now or never, and busts his load as Nathan exhales, and they both laugh, wondering what the next chapter will bring.


Next Door Raw

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2019-07-21 15:53
hot scene, Im noticing Cameron does have rimming in a lot of his productions. Seems silly there were trolls creating a fake "war" on rimming against Cameron. However, he does have more less than perfect scenes than he does perfect ones. This one was perfect!
2019-02-23 07:15
Chad is so cute and what a nice long cock
2018-12-13 03:04
yay! another CF performer joins the NextDoor gang! Loved "Ellis" on CF and look forward too his seXXX scenes here :P
2018-07-01 00:28
With his beautiful body, sultry voice and really big dick, Chad Piper is one of Next Door's best and hottest current models.  Pardon the pun, but in this scene Chad laid a lot of pipe up Nathan's hot ass.  With two minutes to go, Nathan slid his cock up Chad's ass, but Nathan pulled out and shot his load about ten seconds later.  Really nice to watch two hot bodies unmarred by ugly tattoos (Nathan had a small one above his right nipple, but not annoying).  Great scene.
2018-06-30 22:56
yeah. I'm sick of tattoos, 
don't need the  Sunday comics on a hot bod.  Nathan and Chad are perfect.
2018-07-01 16:24
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