Pleasure & Pain

  • : 03-20-2019 |
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A bit of bad fortune has deposited young Zachary Country into a ditch, but it's a stroke of good luck when Donte Thick finds him ailing by the side of the road. Soon enough, Donte has both of Zachary's legs feeling much better, but it's his 3rd leg that suddenly needs attention. Donte makes his move, and convinces Zachary to trust him. It's obvious he's never been with a man before, so Donte takes his time, worshiping his body before giving him some deep oral massage work on his dick. Zachary responds with a rock hard dick, that Donte quickly pounces on, mounting him and giving him a nice ride. Zachary shows no signs of injury, so Donte bends over and tells Zachary to fuck him harder. Zachary responds, fucking Donte like he owed him a favor, pounding him from behind as Donte clutches the bed rail. Zachary flips him over and fucks him missionary as Donte strokes himself clean, spitting jizz all over his abs as Zachary keeps pounding him. Donte tells him to cum all over him, so Zachary works him a little harder before pulling out and blasting him with his load. He falls back onto the bed next to Donte and tells him it might not have been such a bad accident after all.

Next Door Raw

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First, Zach should have been wearing or had a helmet near when found by the ATV. It's irresponsible filmmaking. Second, this is Next Door whatever and to have that much spit is way way off brand and fucking gross. Finally, it's ok to not only to show two faces while both are naked but it's also ok to show the back of the bottom or guy getting rimmed too. Who'd a thought! Especially if you're not going to be showing their face hardly at all while they are being drown in spit-slash-rimmed anyway....or heaven forbid, have them laying on their stomach. Plus, get up off the floor Mary. We don't even put our murses there so we certainly don't want our porn from there. And, close up of fucking between the legs is lazy and so 2015. It was meant to be a secondary under 10 second, certainly not a primary, shot anyway back in the day but most of these scenes use secondary shots as prime anyway so who am I joking. Porn has moved on so maybe Rocco and Ca-morron should too. Such a waste of talented models' career and we and they deserve better.
2019-12-05 21:53
Why can't zachary be the bottom?
2019-12-05 07:52
Dante's ass is looking a little to shaved smooth, Zachary's is nice though
2019-07-16 15:39
My favorite video too ^^
2019-06-07 15:15
My favorite video. I love it when he licks his feet. Very sensual. Highly another video of the same kind
2019-05-30 06:32
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