All-male 3some adventure !!!

  • : 12-23-2009 |
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This is a moment many Cody Cummings fans have been long awaiting. Cody is taking a plunge and jumping into some intense action with not one, but two of his good friends. Christian Wilde and Taylor Aims are here to help ease the Stallion into the warm water of an all-male threesome.

Christian and Taylor are already warmed up and ready when Cody meets them. Taylor has had Cody's monster cock on his mind for some time and doesn't waste any time getting his mouth around it. And when Cody gets his ass eaten and dick sucked at the same time, something about his reaction tells me this won't be his last three-man adventure! This one's a special gift from Cody to his loyal fans.


Cody Cummings

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What did he do that was umcharterred
2018-12-28 02:23
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