Moving Day Menage

  • : 07-06-2011 |
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You might remember when Cody Cummings recently banged a young blonde woman who had hired him to help her move into a new apartment. Well her name is Lexy Swallows and she's back for more. But this time, she's bringing a friend into the mix!

When Lexy tells her friend Melanie Rios over the phone about her incredibly sexy moving boy, Melanie wants to come over and get her hands (and mouth) on him. But Lexy is reluctant to share this chiseled hunk and his giant cock. Once she sees how horny Cody is though, she decides to let Melanie get a piece of the action. Watch the Next Door Stallion pump these ladies good with his fat, hard dick in this super sexy three-way romp!


Cody Cummings

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1 comment

she tricked him....omg that was great...he ate his fucking hot
2015-07-13 17:17
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