Fox & Trent

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Video Description: This week, we bring you two of some of our most requested guys...the hunky Trent and the very manly Fox, for an oral escapade that will leave you drained and oh so satisfied.

Trent happens to be quite straight, and isn't really into being with guys, but since hanging out with Fox for a week, he's changed his mind enough to allow his buddy to suck his cock.

The guys start out sitting on the couch, watching some good ol' porn when Fox leans over and starts to kiss Trent. This of course leads into Trent's pants and underwear being removed. From there, Fox stuffs his friends hardening member into his mouth and starts sucking and stroking it, making Trent moan.

Fox loves sucking a nice cock, but he also loves eating that ass, so he tells Trent to get on all fours. Once Trent has his ass in the air, Fox moves in and starts messaging the ass, prodding and licking Trents puckered hole with his warm, wet tongue.

The boys finish off with furious stroking; Trent cupping Fox's balls as he shoots his load and Trent unloading his balls onto Fox's chest leaves you with a smile on your face.



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